Advanced ART Course for Embryologists

An opportunity for "Hands-on Training"


  • To divulge a comprehensive overview of all aspects of the ART laboratory, including the set-up and running of the lab, specific procedures, and quality control to ensure the highest possible success rates in an IVF program.
  • To provide each apprentice an opportunity to have a complete learning experience.
  • Faculty will work one-on-one with trainees throughout the course, providing a total overview and continuous assessment.
  • Targeted at the beginner as well as experienced embryologist, the course aims to refresh his or her skills further in the field of ART.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to lab procedures, equipment and apparatus, consumables, handling of pipettes and pumps Embryo cleavage, blastocysts, and culture medium
Aliquoting, aseptic technique, drawn-out pipettes Embryo selection, embryo replacement
Sperm preparation: assessment, cryopreservation, preparation for IVF and ICSI stimulation protocols Cryopreservation
Forecast and setup for cases Setting up an IVF lab
Oocyte retrieval, grading of oocytes and insemination Quality control and maintenance, record-keeping
ICSI: Alignment of injection needles and immobilisation of sperm other micromanipulation techniques Troubleshooting


  • Medical graduate or Post-graduates with a doctorate in an appropriate area of life sciences.
  • In the case of a clinic in existence for at least one year before the promulgation of ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) ART guidelines, an applicant with a B Sc (Bachelor of Science) or BV Sc (Bachelor of Veterinary Science) degree would be acceptable for training as a clinical embryologist.

Schedule - 2018

Sl No Name of the course Date  Duration Course Fees
( 18% GST
applicable )
1 Embryology Course 02nd Apr 2018 - 22nd Apr 2018 18 days 125000.00
2 Embryology Course 07th May 2018 - 26th May 2018 18 days 125000.00
3 Embryology Course 04th Jun 2018 - 23rd Jun 2018 18 days  125000.00
4 Embryology Course 02nd Jul 2018 - 21st Jul 2018 18 days  125000.00
5 Embryology Course 10th Sep 2018 - 29th Sep 2018 18 days  125000.00
6 Embryology Course 08th Oct 2018 - 27th Oct 2018 18 days  125000.00
7 Embryology Course 12th Nov 2018 - 01st Dec 2018 18 days  125000.00
8 Embryology Course 10th Dec 2018 - 29th Dec 2018 18 days  125000.00
9 Embryology Course 07th Jan 2019 - 27th Jan 2019 18 days  125000.00
10 Embryology Course 04th Mar 2019 - 24th Mar 2019 18 days  125000.00

* Please Note : Dates are tentative and subject to change