Established with the mission to train clinicians and scientists in  maternal fetal medicine and infertility, IIRRH or International Institute for Training & Research in Reproductive Health,  offers post-doctoral fellowship programs in Reproductive Medicine and Maternal Fetal Medicine. Headed by the renowned clinician, researcher and academician,  Dr. Kamini Rao, IIRRH has been in the process of training future ART & OBG clinicians and scientists while simultaneously reaching out to improving our understanding of the leading developments in the field of reproductive medicine.

Reproductive Medicine Courses

It is one of the few institutes to offer PhD programs in Reproductive Biology, in addition to  short and medium-term training programs for clinicians and scientists. The Institute is affiliated to VIT University, NITTE University as well as Bangalore University for PhD in Reproductive Biology. Certificate Courses and short term training courses in Clinical ART, Embryology and Obstetric Ultrasound cater to the needs of the  busy  practitioner.   

Affiliated to Milann – one of the top fertility centers in India, IIRRH was founded in the year 1999, and since then has grown to be amongst the country’s top-ranked institutions for education and training in Reproductive Medicine. The institution is registered as a charitable trust vide Reg. no. TRUST/718/10A/VOL.I/T-162/99-2000/CIT-IT.  

The list of services at IIRRH include  medical training & education, clinical trials and medical publications that are focused on women’s health and reproductive medicine.

About Milann

Milann , the service delivery arm of IIRRH, is one of India's most advanced fertility centers and an ISO 9001:2015 & NABL certified organization. Combining experience with the reputation for being one of the most well-equipped fertility clinics, Milann has been redefining high-tech fertility care in India. With medical experts and personnel all trained in reproductive endocrinology, embryology, ovarian biology, reproductive immunology and the genetics of fertility, Milan has a technological edge over its competitors.

The word 'milann' means 'joining' or 'meeting'. On a purely biological level, it symbolizes the joining of the sperm and ovum, to form new life. For us, it is also symbolic of the coming together of our medical experts and patients - to form a partnership of trust, with the sole purpose of creating life.

Milann as an organization enables the coming together of like-minded clinical specialists to make the best practices in fertility care accessible to all. The medical personnel form a cohesive team that works seamlessly together to ensure the best  clinical practices. Its success can be attributed to its unique approach towards healthcare and fertility. Spearheaded by Dr. Kamini A Rao, a leading obstetrician and infertility specialist and recipient of the Padma Shri Award, Milann offers comprehensive healthcare services to women encompassing pre-pregnancy planning, pregnancy, post-delivery till menopause. Milann currently has Centers at five locations in Bangalore alongwith centers at New Delhi, Chandigarh and Ahmedabad.